Our History

In 1920 Clement Aloysius O’Donnell started doing small repairs and installing roofing with a company located in West Philadelphia. He worked on homes primarily in the city, but also worked on the construction of some of the main line homes which are still around today. He quickly caught on to how to do the job right and keep clients satisfied. In 1924, he took all of his knowledge and skills, and started C.A O’Donnell Roofing. His entrepreneurial spirit served him well as jobs started piling up immediately. Back then, the technology in roofing was nil, and all metalwork had to be done in house. Clement had his own state of the art metal fabrication shop at 56th and Lansdowne Ave. in the West Phila. section of Philadelphia. This shop served as the company headquarters until roughly 1970. Clement I passed the business to his son Clement Aloyious O’Donnell Jr. in 1953.

Clement Jr. had worked for his father growing up, and inherited the same entrepreneurial spirit that runs in our blood. While keeping up with the coal-tar pitch and gravel roofing, slate, and copper work that was always needed, “newer” roofing/ siding materials were now readily available as a more cost-effective way to meet client’s needs. With the advent of aluminum siding and growing popularity of asphalt shingles as a cheaper option for property owners, Clement Jr. implanted himself in this industry and became busier than ever. His workload stayed steady because of his superior workmanship, project management skills, honesty, and loyalty to all of his customers. He met the demand by running several crews 6 days a week for the duration of his career. In 1980, Clement Jr. retired and passed the company to his son Laurence O’Donnell.

Laurence O’Donnell is to this day President of O’Donnell roofing company. By the time he took over the business in 1980, Larry had over 10 years of field experience coupled with a lifetime of visiting jobsites and hanging around his grandfather’s sheet metal shop. The first couple years working for his father was spent doing “ground guy” duties (cleaning up trash, organizing materials, etc.), then he began installing the products. Eventually, he had accrued five years as job foreman prior to his takeover of the business. While always offering a broad range of roofing and siding services, both residential and commercial, his focus shifted back and forth through the years to fulfill client’s needs with the sometimes erratic economic conditions. Initially he focused on aluminum siding and asphalt shingle work. As competition grew, and other companies (who are no longer in business) began to undercut him, he shifted his focus to residential and commercial hot- applied asphalt flat roofing. While continuing to offer all of these services, the years of continual service on main-line homes and mansions had grown a substantial client list. He then steered his focus to historic restoration/ preservation of the now 70- 80 yr. old homes. And he is great at it. Finding leaks and solving problems on these large homes is in his blood, and he (and the business) excel in doing so—to this very day we have hundreds of satisfied clients who only call us when then need advice or more work done to their homes. From small repairs, to complicated slate and copper roof installations, no job is too big or small. As technology in roofing, and roof related technology improved, Larry dug in and became a certified and licensed Solar PV installer in the state of Pennsylvania. He formed our sister company, Rooftop Solar Solutions, to help broaden our ever growing list of services we can offer. Larry has over 46 years of field experience in the roofing/ siding trade.

Kevin O’Donnell is Vice President of O’Donnell Roofing Company, and has the same entrepreneurial spirit that runs in the O’Donnell bloodline. His day to day duties involve; estimating and selling jobs, ordering materials and dumpsters, overseeing multiple crews, keeping clients happy, and doing most of the custom/ specialty work himself.