Residential Roofing Project – Havertown, PA

We recently completed a residential roofing project in Havertown, PA for a local homeowner. We often get asked by prospective customers, “What exactly takes place when getting a new roof?” – Glad you asked!

Here is exactly what we did for this particular project.


Removal of old roof consisting of two layers of asphalt shingles and one layer of cedar shakes. Installation on new styrofoam baffles at eaves to maintain a cavity for air to flow into attic.


Installation of new 1/2″ CDX plywood, cut and nailed on rafters.


Installation on DCI smart vent at eaves for intake ventilation.


Certainteed Integrity Roof System consisting of:

  • Winterguard Ice and Water shield at eaves, valleys, penetrations and roof to wall areas.
  • DiamondDeck synthetic underlayment on remainder of roof.
  • Swiftstart starter shingles.
  • Landmark PRO Resawn Shake shingles.
  • Shadow ridge/hip and ridge shingles.
  • 12″ Shingle Over Ridge Vent.
  • Copper counterflashings- installed in reglet cut into masonry, and sealed in mortar joint.
  • New 5″ aluminum gutters and 2″ x 3″ downspouts.

Whatever type of roofing project you’re considering, let O’Donnell Roofing help you.

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