Solar Renewable Energy Credits

What is a Solar Renewable Energy Credit (REC)?

When your PV system produces electricity, it is generating two products:

  1. Electrons: The electricity which you either consume on your property when it is generated or you put into the grid.
  2. Attributes: The environmental consequences of generating that electricity. Clean solar generation earns positive attributes.

A recent Pennsylvania law requires utilities and electricity suppliers to use solar energy and to obtain solar Renewable Energy Credits (called “solarRECs”). To comply with this law and similar laws in other states in the region, markets for registering, selling and buying solarRECs are now being created.

1 solar REC = 1,000 kWh of Solar

Call us and we can assist you with the sale of any excess renewable energy credits, handling the paperwork and reaching out to the appropriate government agencies to take the headache out of the entire process.