The Road to a Solar Home

Integrating solar energy into your home makes sense for several reasons:

  • Increases resale value
  • Permanently reduces energy bills
  • Make your home stand out
  • Make your home more environmentally friendly
  • Take advantage of government rebates and tax credits

System Design

System design is the step of the process where we will visit you on site to assess your options and explain how your Solar Home will work.

We’ll visit your home with a solar pathfinder meter and take measurements to determine the optimal position for Solar Panel Installation in your home. Then, we’ll examine your existing electrical panel to determine how to run wiring from solar PV cells to the inverter. Finally, we’ll work with a structural engineer, your homeowner’s insurance company, and your township to obtain the needed construction permits and begin sourcing the required materials.

Signing the Official Contract

Once the contract is signed for your solar project, we’ll work with state and local governments to obtain grants and permits. You, as the homeowner, do not have to deal with the complications or questions of working with state and local governments. That means not only designing and writing the technical specifications, installing the materials, doing all the associated state and federal paperwork as well as arranging the sale of excess power produced to a power co-op, but the often ignored part of a business that means realizing that the installation location is more than just a job site to the homeowner.

Getting Started

Once materials have been ordered, we will actively track shipment and delivery, and thoroughly inspect every photovoltaic panel before accepting shipment. Once all materials are in order, our team will immediately get to work on building your system. We take care of all cleanup and maintenance, and actively work with our customers to let them know what stage of the project we are at, and keep them informed of their options.

After Construction

After construction, we diligently remove all materials and provide a thorough cleanup, allowing you to quickly enjoy the benefits of your new solar home. We will also work with you to coordinate the sale of excess power generated by your Solar Home to power co-ops, providing additional revenue to you, the customer. Additionally, we are always available to assist with future questions about your solar home or options.